Tennessee Homesteader’s Alliance of Lawrence County

Homesteader’s Alliance

I am so excited to announce that Lawrence County, Tennessee now has its own chapter of Homesteader’s Alliance!! Tennessee Homesteader’s Alliance was founded by Jason and Kourtney Austin, “At the forefront of every group is Christian leadership in Biblical Truth, Christian ethics and Christian culture with a desire to love one another in His name. Honor god. Welcome all. Embody Christ’s Reign. Steward the Land. Build Community reliance.” I love The Austin’s model to Educate, Encourage and Support or fellow community and other Christian homesteaders.

Tennessee Homesteader's Alliance

“We are gathering to build Authentic, Trustworthy, Educational, Encouraging Support” (Austin, Kourtney)

Lawrence County, TN

Lawrence County will be meeting in person monthly! Mark your calendar’s for the second Saturday of the month. All gatherings will be potluck. Please join our Facebook group for more information: Homesteader’s Alliance Lawrence County

Although January 13th 2024 will be our first official meeting, a few of us were able to meet for an impromptu hands on cow processing event in December. Several families were able to get hands on experience butchering a cow. We learned how to put a large animal down, how to skin the hide for future processing in to a rug, how to gut a large animal, and the beginning steps to dry aging beef.

Mama Sue, my mother, held the fort down inside with all of the children that were too young to be outside. They literally built a fort and played while their parents could learn a vital skill for their homestead. We are looking forward to meeting new homesteaders and having your join our homesteading community: Homesteader’s Alliance Lawrence County!

Tennessee Homesteader's Alliance

homesteader’s building a fort.

We can’t wait to meet you and learn what your homesteading goals are for 2024.


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