November Wrapped Up With A Gluten Free Thanksgiving

Cold Hardy Garden

You know the saying, “my eyes are bigger than my stomach,” well that’s how my back feels after I buy waaayyyyy too many seedling for the winter garden! It was just so exciting to see all of these beautiful green seedling in November. So I bought a ton of them knowing that the hoop house had rich compost to grow in. I planted cold hardy vegetables and herbs for a winter garden. Not only do we grow our own veggies because they taste better but because we are a gluten free family. Vegetables are gluten free! I planted two types of lettuce, two types of kale, mustard greens, turnip greens, spinach, chives, Swiss chard, rosemary, parsley and I’m sure there is more that I forgot to mention!

New Pig Pasture

On a farm you have to roll with the flow. Which means when the pigs decide they aren’t going to respect the fences, you fix them. I had a ton of other things planned for that weekend but now the pigs are all set up for winter and baby piglets! We expanded their pig pasture to enclose some flat areas to house two hay bales. The female pigs, Emma and Mindy are over a year old. We got them last November. Mork, the male pig is about 6 months old and almost of age to breed. We should have piglets late spring or early summer.

Check out Mork enjoying some gluten free pumpkins! We collected pumpkins from at least five different people. The pigs, sheep, cows and chickens love to eat old pumpkins. Pumpkins are loaded with nutrients for all animals.

Let’s Plant Some Greenery!

It’s fun to see some final grade happening around the house. That means by spring time we should have a green patch to look at instead of brown mud! Check out my YouTube video of the piles getting leveled, the straw being spread over seeds, and the the dogs playing. Fast forward to the little green seedlings popping up: YouTube Short

spreading hay

We’re Going To Have Green!

Gluten Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is always a great excuse to eat tons of delicious homemade gluten free desserts with family and friends. Thanksgiving on the homestead did not disappoint and it was an extra special gluten free Thanksgiving for our friend who had not had pumpkin pie or stuffing at Thanksgiving since he was diagnosed with Celiac.

Family Gluten Free Thanksgiving

Gluten Free Thanksgiving

We had a delicious Gluten Free Thanksgiving! My sister, Dr. Sarah Druckman made her homemade delicious Carrot Cake! I love how it had shredded coconut all over it. Mama Sue made pumpkin pie, chocolate pie, chocolate chip cookies, and waffles. The waffles were the base for ice cream and fresh fruit. Dad made his famous gluten free bread and a first attempt at dinner rolls. The bread is always spectacular. The rolls were delicious after we renamed it to focaccia!


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